Northern California Deep Ripping Equipment

A&L Services, Inc. has the deep ripping equipment  you need to support your Northern California orchard and vineyard preparation. Three Dozer D8s, One Dozer D7, and one Dozer D6, all fitted with front blades and rear ripping shanks, will make easy work of your next commercial growing project.

Our fleet of large CAT dozers are available to help with most any type of soil preparation including:

  • Deep Ripping
  • Vineyard site preparation
  • Orchard preparation
  • Reservoir enlargement
  • Brush clearing
  • Discing
  • Tri-plane work
  • Pond Building

Based in Davis, CA, A&L Services, Inc. operates across Northern California and easily serves Yolo, Solano, Napa, Sacramento, and other counties north of Stockton, CA.


Orchard and Vineyard Development

A&L Services Deep Ripping EquipmentFor a orchard or vineyard to be successful, it often needs usable soil that is deeper than what is currently found above the Northern California hardpan layer. Grapevines, almond trees, and other orchard trees need drainage to prevent the roots from sitting in a pool of water and rotting. Deep ripping is necessary to allow the roots to penetrate the hardpan layer as well as provide adequate drainage.

Preparing a site to build an orchard or vineyard requires special equipment. Hardpan layers are located two to six feet below the surface and can go many feet deep. A&L Services, Inc. dozers are equipped with 3’ to 7’ shanks to break through the hardpan. The testing process will help determine the proper equipment to use on the project.

The most common practice when breaking through the hardpan is to deep rip the ground in two directions. A two-direction rip usually provides the optimal balance between cost and benefit. The two-direction rip process shatters the ground and brings deep soil to the top of the field. Additional passes can be beneficial, but in most situations, does not warrant the additional cost.

Soil Testing

Testing is required prior to starting the deep ripping process. Testing helps determine the depth of the hardpan layer and to determine the best equipment for the job. A backhoe is used to dig into the soil and assess the depth of the hardpan layer. The grower usually has a desired depth to which they would like to rip in preparation for their orchard  or vineyard. By knowing the terrain and understanding the grower’s requirements, we are able to provide the right equipment and help prepare the soil for an optimal growing environment.

Soil Preparation

With the right equipment in place, we are able to start the deep-ripping process and begin to shatter the hardpan layer. The deep ripping process is monitored to ensure the desired result is being produced. Adjustments to shank length are made as necessary based upon conditions of the field and desired growing conditions.

Deep Ripping Shank on CaterpillarOnce deep ripping is complete, soil amendments are applied. Soil amendments generally consist of fertilizer, gypsum, lime, and pot ash. These materials help improve the physical characteristics of the soil and are applied based upon the condition of the soil and the needs of the grower.

The soil is then disced, breaking the large chunks of earth down into smaller chunks as well as mixing the additives in with the soil. Discing helps in creating a healthy growing environment for root-based planting and also helps in forming a fine seed bed for planting.

The final step before creating orchard berms is to tri-plane the field. A 16-foot tri-plane is pulled behind a dozer, smoothing and leveling the soil in preparation for adding planting berms, irrigation and vines or trees. A properly prepared field assists with growing by managing water run-off and preventing the pooling of water around grapevines and orchard trees.

Other Services

A&L Services Caterpillar with Ripping ShankIn addition to orchard and vineyard preparation, A&L Services, Inc. can help with other farming/dirt work needs including:

  • Pond digging (cleaning and expanding)
  • Road grading and repair
  • Road building
  • Building pads for farm structures
  • Reservoir construction
  • Other farming and growing needs

20 Years of Experience

For over 20 years, A&L Services, Inc. has been providing equipment for deep ripping, excavation, and dirt work needs. A&L Services, Inc. provides heavy equipment support for all your deep-ripping, excavation, and other dirt work needs. Full contractor oversight for your dirt work project.

Free Estimates

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