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Dirt Work, Excavation, and Construction Services in Northern California

A&L Services, Inc. in Davis, Ca has been providing earth moving, deep ripping, excavation and site development services in Northern California since 1988 – over 30 years providing construction services. Our customers know they can depend on our experience and professionalism for all their site development projects.

We have crews and equipment available for building pad compaction, grading, and all forms of site development. We can complete dirt work projects of up to several hundred thousand yards. We offer a variety of earthwork services and we can meet all your small and large project needs.

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A&L Services, Inc. in Davis Ca offers the following services:

  • Deep ripping
  • Vineyard construction
  • Vineyard removal
  • Excavating and/or backfilling
  • Earthwork for new construction and/or redevelopments
  • Dirt compaction and leveling
  • Wetland mitigation and vernal pool projects
  • Grading and drainage structures
  • Driveway and road building
  • Streambed repairs
  • Grading and bulldozing
  • Levy building and/or repair
  • Slide repairs
  • Riprap placement
  • Ripping orchards and root removal
  • Pond construction
  • Discing and fire breaks
  • Farm, land, and ranch clean-up
  • Clearing and grubbing

A Complete Heavy Equipment Fleet

A&L Services, Inc. provides earthwork construction services and supports agricultural needs throughout northern California. Our fleet includes more than 30 pieces of equipment, ranging from small skid steers and backhoes to John Deere power units with tandem scraper cans and large excavators. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver the right machine to every job site. In addition to our fleet of heavy equipment, A&L Services, Inc. maintains its own service trucks and low bed, ensuring that all material and equipment arrive at the job site on time under most any circumstance. Our field maintenance trucks provide rapid service response to minimize downtime.

Project Management

When it comes to earth moving, speed is critical. However, accuracy can never be sacrificed, and quality project management services are needed. Precise haul routes and cycle times are essential to a timely execution of the available machine power. Planning of these precise haul routes begins in the preliminary stages of the project. We will often meet with clients and general contractors early on to provide cost saving advice in the planning of a project. Collaboration among the Owner, Consulting Engineer and the A&L Services, Inc. team can result in significant cost savings and an expedited project completion. With several dirt work machines in motion at one time, our experienced site foremen monitor, and direct assets seamlessly always based on the required cuts and fills. When material is placed accurately with GPS and dual-grade laser enabled equipment, it reduces the amount of fine grading required. The focus of all site foremen is on efficient and effective soil movement, moisture control, and compaction.

Through the combination of technology and experience, our customers have come to rely on A&L Services, Inc. to deliver their sites ready to build, on budget, and in a timely fashion. A&L Services, Inc. is the dirt contractor of choice for soil compaction, wetlands mitigation, deep ripping, excavating, and complete site development and project management in northern California. Our excavation and dirt work expertise include all forms of earthwork contracting and dirt moving that range from simple grading projects to complex site development projects involving multiple owners, agencies, and utility companies.

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A&L Services, Inc. in Davis, CA is your best resource for expert project management, and we look forward to the prompt completion of your construction project with competitive pricing.

No Excavation Project Too Big Or Too Small

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A&L Services, Inc. is licensed, insured, and bondable. Call A&L Services, Inc. for all your heavy equipment contracting needs.

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